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A feast for all seasons : traditional native people's cuisine
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Traditional North American Native peoples'cuisine has existed for centuries, but its centraltenet of respecting nature and its bounty havenever been as timely as they are now. AndrewGeorge, of the Wet'suwet'en Nation in Canada,is a well-respected aboriginal chef and instructorwho has spent the last twenty-five yearspromoting the traditions of First Nations food.In A Feast for All Seasons , written with Robert Gairns, he has compiled aboriginal recipes that feature ingredients from the land, sea, and sky, elements of an enduring cuisine that illustraterespect for the environment and its creatures,and acknowledgment of the spiritual power thatfood can have in our lives.

The 120 recipes include delectable, make-at home dishes such as Salmon and FiddleheadStirfry, Stuffed Wild Duck, Barbecued Oysters,Pan-fried Rabbit with Wild Cranberry Glaze,Clam Fritters, and Wild Blueberry Cookies. Thebook also features recipes with exotic ingredientsthat provide a fascinating glimpse into thehistory of Native cuisine: Moose Chili, BoiledPorcupine, Smoked Beaver Meat, and BraisedBear.

This unique cookbook pays homage to anenduring food culture--grounded in traditionand the power of nature--that transcends the test of time.

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