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Family blessings
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Right before Thanksgiving, a freak tornado descends on Larkspur, a small town in Pennsylvania, where matriach and candy magnate Loretta Cisco lives. Levelling the home shes inhabited for fifty years. A passionate and heartwarming family story that will delight and inspire readers
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Michaels revisits the Cisco family--famous candy company owners and denizens of a small town in Pennsylvania. Loretta, the matriarch, and her beau, Ezra, are lucky enough to survive a surprise tornado that flattens her family home. The close-knit community quickly pulls together to aid everyone who was affected, but Loretta, who is usually levelheaded and commonsensical, has a difficult time getting over the loss of her things. Her worries are multiplied when the grandchildren she raised, the triplets Sam, Hannah, and Sara, appear to have troubles of their own that they are unwilling to share with her. All three have recently married, and all three are experiencing marital difficulties. Sam's wife has disappeared, and Sara and Hannah are certain their doctor husbands are having affairs. But there's a larger issue: the Trips were raised as one unit, and they're not used to needing anyone but each other. Their predicament is explored in the same winning and humorous manner the ever-popular Michaels always employs in her believable and highly entertaining tales. --Maria Hatton Copyright 2004 Booklist
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