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A Halloween mask for Monster
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Monster tries on girl, boy, cat, and dog masks at Halloween but since they are all too scary he decides to go as himself.
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Ages 2-4. Monster, a friendly faced, overalled, middle child who happens to be a green creature, is the likable hero of these two picture books. In the first, he deliberates over his Halloween costume. After trying on a girl mask, a boy mask, a dog mask, and a cat mask all thoroughly innocuous and deciding that each is too scary, he looks in the mirror and decides that his own face is just right. In the second book, he can't sleep. His patient parents use their arsenal of bedtime send-offs, from warm milk to stories to kisses, but nothing works until Monster decides that it's bedtime for Spider, his black, cuddly, many-armed, stuffed animal. Repeating the bedtime ritual for Spider, Monster finally falls asleep. While the latter book has the stronger story, the former is a possible choice for two-year-old story time at Halloween. The full-color illustrations are pleasant enough, but simplicity and child appeal are the books' strengths. For those who have requests for monster stories from the viewers of ``Sesame Street'' who have not yet heard that monsters are scary, these books may fill the demand. CP.
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