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The creative writing coursebook : forty-four authors share advice and exercises for fiction and poetry
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The success and popularity of creative writing courses at universities across the country belies the myth that writing can't be taught. The Creative Writing Coursebook, edited by Julia Bell and Paul Magrs, takes aspiring writers through three stages of essential practice: 'Gathering' - getting started, learning how to keep notes, making observations and using memory; 'Shaping' - looking at structure, point of view, character and setting; and 'Finishing' - being your own critic, joining workshops and finding publishers.Fully updated and including a foreword by Marina Warner and contributions from forty-five authors such as Kit de Waal and Amy Liptrot, this is the perfect book for people who are just starting to write as well as for those who want some help honing work already completed. Filled with a wealth of exercises and activities, it will inspire budding writers to develop and hone their skills. Whether writing for publication, in a group or just for pleasure this comprehensive guide is for anyone who is ready to put pen to paper.
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgementsp. ix
Foreword    Marina Warnerp. x
Introduction    Julia Bell and Paul Magrsp. xv
1Getting Started
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 3
Notebooks    Paul Magrsp. 7
On Keeping a Diary    Nicole Ward Jouvep. 11
Clearing Some Space    Paul Magrsp. 15
2Training The Eye
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 20
Creative Writing Workshy    Ali Smithp. 24
Keeping Your Eyes Open    Alicia Stubbersfieldp. 28
Articles of Faith    Esther Morganp. 33
What Are You Looking At?    Paul Magrsp. 39
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 43
Deconstructing Beds    Alison Fellp. 48
Finding Out    Sara Maitlandp. 51
Poetry and Science    John Lathamp. 58
Out of the Abstract    Paul Magrsp. 64
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 68
Memory    Lesley Glaisterp. 73
Writing from Experience    Nell Dunnp. 76
The Shared Past    Anna Garryp. 80
Where You're Coming From    Julia Bellp. 86
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 91
The Things They Carry    Susan Perabop. 97
Somebody Else's Shoes    Paul Magrsp. 100
Room of Leaves    Amanda Daltonp. 105
Character and Characterization    Malcolm Bradburyp. 111
Real Life    Paul Magrsp. 126
6Point Of View
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 130
Eye Level    Jenny Newmanp. 136
Punto de Vista    Maureen Freelyp. 143
Writing in the First Person    Elleke Boehmerp. 148
Multiple Points of View    Victor Sagep. 153
Whose Story Is It Anyway?    Julia Bellp. 158
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 162
Exploring Home    David Almondp. 168
Landscapes and Language    Graham Mortp. 171
Imagining Rooms    David Craigp. 180
Outside Your Front Door    Julia Bellp. 185
8Plotting And Shaping
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 189
On Narrative Structures    Patricia Dunckerp. 195
Plotting a Novel    Ashley Stokesp. 201
Decisions, Decisions    Val Taylorp. 207
Peaceful Symmetries    Carol Rumensp. 214
Shapes of Things    Paul Magrsp. 220
9Stepping Back
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 227
Reading Yourself    David Lodgep. 232
Standards in Creative Writing Teaching    Russell Celyn Jonesp. 238
Anxiety of Influence    Julia Bellp. 241
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 244
Going the Last Inch    Lindsay Clarkep. 249
Redrafting Your Novel    James Frielp. 254
Judith: The Making of a Poem    Vicki Feaverp. 262
Feeling the Burn    Julia Bellp. 281
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 284
A Brief History of Workshops    Jon Cookp. 288
Collective Works: Tindal Street Fiction Group    Alan Maharp. 295
Listening to Criticism    Richard Aczelp. 303
Dynamics    Paul Magrsp. 307
12Off The Page
Introduction    Julia Bellp. 312
How to Cook a Book    Julian Jacksonp. 317
The Rise of Literary Consultancies    Rebecca Swiftp. 323
Agents and How to Get One    Candi Millerp. 329
Final Revisions and Submission    Penny Rendallp. 333
Carrying On    Paul Magrsp. 362
13New Forms
Introduction    Paul Magrsp. 365
The Physical Sensation of Being Read    Amy Liptrotp. 367
Poetry that Needs to Be Heard    Keith Jarrettp. 372
Words in my pocket, like grains of sand    Chaz Brenchleyp. 381
A Series of Fortunate Fictions    Steve Colep. 389
Flash Fiction    Kit de Waalp. 395
Into the Unknown    Julia Bellp. 401
A Good Thing    Paul Magrsp. 403
Bibliographyp. 409
Biographiesp. 419
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