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The uncommon priest : incredible stories you never read
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People make a priest, even though he must be ordained by a bishop. His companions also define the priest's upbringing, filled with fun incidents. In this book, you will discover the lighter side of what happens within the walls of the seminary, where priests are trained. How can these stories avoid organizational politics? The events capture conflict and controversies. Priests do face trials from their own Bishops, Superiors, and people. Courageous priests often defy the mores of the institution while still being faithful to their divine calling. Sheer spontaneity defines these stories. You can call it inspiring or crafty, but each priest found a way around an insurmountable obstacle. Sometimes, people put the priest on the spot. His only response is to admire the opponent. These stories you will read were guarded as a secret, till now.

To be a priest is to be uncommon. But to be uncommon among the priests is a rarity. It can redefine priesthood to stay relevant. I hope these stories, like case scenarios, will enlighten priests to lead their pastoral ministry with creativity and holiness. I look forward that you cherish reading The Uncommon Priest: Incredible Stories You Never Read.

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