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Cat science unleashed : fun activities to do with your feline friend
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Discover all about how your amazing feline friend thinks, moves, drinks, stays warm, gets clean, cools off, and more, with dozens of fun science-based activities and experiments.

Unleash the power of science! Have fun with 22 safe and cat-friendly activities that let you work alongside your cat to discover what makes her tick. Learn how catnip affects your kitty and how she can see so well in the dark. Find out what kind of toys your cat loves by making a feather flyer. How does your cat balance so well and always land on all fours? Each activity is paired with step-by-step instructions, clear and interesting scientific explanations, and cool photographs shot specifically for this book. Hands-on activities and fun information for budding scientists prompt further learning and offer a behind-the-scenes look at current feline research. When you are finished with the book you'll have a vet-worthy profile of the best kitty companion on the planet-yours!

This book is part of the National Geographic Kids Hands-on Science line which makes science fun and accessible.

rt of the National Geographic Kids Hands-on Science line which makes science fun and accessible.
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This title, appropriately rife with puns, offers guided activities that will help young ailurophiles understand many of the mysteries behind cat behavior. Chapters divide exercises into four categories based on feline physiology, senses, predatory instinct, and psychology. Most activities incorporate simple arts and crafts into a behavioral study, which is broken down into numbered instructions, with each step accompanied by a photograph. Difficulty ranges from Easy to Grab a Parent, and everything can be done from the comfort of one's home. Ultimately, though, this works best as an informational text. The activities which depend on a cat's willingness to participate mostly serve to confirm what the text shares up front. Still, many readers who wish to learn their own cats' quirks will enjoy attempting the various observational experiments, and anyone who chooses simply to read will come out with a much deeper understanding that will enrich everyday interactions with their feline friends. Challenging vocabulary is in bold, and back matter includes a glossary of defined terms as well as resources for further learning.--Ronny Khuri Copyright 2019 Booklist
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