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Who stole the hazelnuts? : a forest mystery
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A new book from the author of the bestselling Rainbow Fish series!

The peace and quiet of the forest are shattered by a scream. Someone has stolen the squirrel's three hazelnuts! Who could have committed such a terrible crime? The squirrel begins his investigation, and no one is above suspicion.
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So who is the culprit? A double-page spread depicts a squirrel's horrified face in a close-up as he shrieks in rhymed couplets, This is what I feared! / My hazelnuts have disappeared! Five wide-eyed, befuddled creatures claim their innocence: the nuts are not in mole's hill, mouse's cave, rabbit's or hamster's burrows, or fox's (who is lolling in the grass, chewing on chicken bones) den. But when the squirrel returns home, the crime is solved: the nuts are right where he left them. Someone has some apologies to make. The Swiss author-illustrator of the popular Rainbow Fish books provides a moral tale about the dangers of making false accusations. His soft-edged, colorful watercolors present the particular personalities of each animal in their natural habitats. The long-eared brown and toothsome squirrel appears in his boreal habitat on every oversize page, his emotions progressing from anger and outrage to dejection and, finally, to delight. The large format, rhyming text and simple story will adapt well for storytimes.--Lolly Gepson Copyright 2019 Booklist
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