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Hangry : 5 simple steps to balance your hormones and restore your joy
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HANGRY will offer women with "normal" lab work a diet and lifestyle program to reverse the hidden autoimmune illnesses that leave them feeling stressed out, cranky, hungry, frustrated, overweight - and really freaking tired. You can eat yourself back to health. Powerhouse authors Sarah Fragoso and Dr. Brooke Kalanick give women a 5-step customizable plan to heal their hormones, restore their joy, reset their metabolism, and kick start fat loss in just 4 weeks.It is complete with specific nutrition and exercise templates with guidelines for manipulating those to suit cortisol, insulin, thyroid or estrogen and progesterone imbalance as well as countless strategies for overall wellness including sleep solutions, hormone balancing supplement suggestions, meditations, mantras and 5 Pillars for REAL self-care. Hangry will help women go from tired, irritable, to vibrant, fit, and most importantly: happy.
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Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
Part 1Why We're All Hangry B*tches
1Too Tired to Be Happyp. 9
2Stressed-Out B*chesp. 26
3The Five Pillars That Take You from Hangry B*tch to Happy Babep. 45
4What a Hangry B*tch Should Eatp. 65
5Getting It Right with Exercisep. 81
Part 2The Four-Week Hangry B*tch Reset: Heal Your Hormones, Hone Your Joy, and Find What Works for YOU
6Week 1 The Hangry B*tch Resetp. 99
7The Hangry B*tch Hormone Quizp. 127
8Week 2 What Carbs Are Making You Hangry?p. 144
9Week 3 YOUR Perfect Workout, Finallyp. 178
10Week 4 Female Hormones, Flames, and Fat Lossp. 208
11Welcome to Being a Happy Babe Now What?p. 235
Exercise Templatesp. 248
How to Outfit a Home Gymp. 309
How to Interview a Personal Trainerp. 312
The Hangry B*tch Food Fix: Recipesp. 314
Supplement and Testing Resourcesp. 382
Referencesp. 394
Indexp. 398
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