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The Confession Club : A Novel.
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An uplifting novel about friendship, surprising revelations, and a second chance at love, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Story of Arthur Truluv .

When a group of friends in Mason, Missouri, decide to start a monthly supper club, they get more than they bargained for. The plan for congenial evenings--talking, laughing, and sharing recipes, homemade food, and wine--abruptly changes course one night when one of the women reveals something startlingly intimate. The supper club then becomes Confession Club, and the women gather weekly to share not only dinners but embarrassing misdeeds, deep insecurities, and long-held regrets.

They invite Iris Winters and Maddy Harris to join, and their timing couldn't be better. Iris is conflicted about her feelings for a charming but troubled man, and Maddy has come back home from New York to escape a problem too big to handle alone. The club offers exactly the kind of support they need to help them make some difficult decisions.

The Confession Club is charming, heartwarming, and inspiring. And as in the previous books that take place in Mason, readers will find friendship, community, and kindness on full display.
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In most small towns secrets are hard to keep, but in Mason, Missouri, a unique group of friends has decided to embrace this idea to its fullest. A few women gather weekly to divulge their regrets, secrets, embarrassments, and sins in the safety of their Confession Club a sort of book club without the books. Each woman's life is the story of the week, and within the bonds of this sisterhood there is no judgment, only support. When new Mason residents Iris and Maddy join the club, they have very different stories to share but both soon find exactly what they seek. Berg (Night of Miracles, 2018) is a natural storyteller, and creates a genuine group of women, old friends and new, for readers to cozy up to. Even minor characters come to life with sincerity and charm. The Confession Club shows that family doesn't have to be defined in the traditional sense, home isn't always where we expect it to be, and the love of friends is all we really need.--Melissa Norstedt Copyright 2010 Booklist
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