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The devil's slave
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At the end of The King's Witch , the first book in Tracy Borman's Stuart-era trilogy, Frances Gorges was pregnant with the child of her dead lover, Thomas Wintour, executed for his role as a conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Now, in The Devil's Slave , Frances is compelled to return to the dissolute and dangerous court where she has been suspected of witchcraft.

Catholics have gone underground in the new Puritan regime of King James I, and yet whispers of conspiracies continue to echo behind closed doors and down the halls of the royal palaces. Against this perilous backdrop, accompanied by her son George and her husband Sir Thomas Tyringham--whom she married conveniently to mask the true identity of her son's father--Frances reunites with her former mistress, the Princess Elizabeth, now of marriageable age, as well as other less friendly membersof the court: Prince Henry, heir to the crown who emulates his father's brutality without scruple; Lord Cecil, eager to persecute Frances as a witch even as his own health rapidly declines; and King James himself, ever more paranoid and cruel towards alleged heretics and traitors. Yet a surprising ally emerges in the person of Sir Walter Raleigh, himself a prisoner in the Tower of London. With more lives than merely her own on the line, Frances soon finds herself caught in a spider's web ofsecrets, promises, and plots.

Tracy Borman brings to life vivid characters from history, recreating the ever-treacherous court of the first Stuart king, and a historical period that has fascinated readers for centuries.

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Historian Borman picks up the loose threads she deliberately left dangling at the conclusion of The King's Witch (2018), the first installment of a Stuart-era trilogy featuring fictional character Frances Gorges playing a major role in the intrigues and machinations of a cast of real-life historical figures. With both her new husband and the child of her deceased lover in tow, Lady-in Waiting to young Princess Elizabeth and skilled herbalist and healer Frances returns to the perilous court of King James, where she must navigate the twisted corridors of court intrigue and contend with a slew of possible enemies including the King's treacherous son, Prince Henry, and her old nemesis, Lord Cecil, who is determined to expose her as a witch. In an era of political and religious upheaval, there is sure to be a conspiracy lurking around every corner, and when Frances makes an unexpected ally of Sir Walter Raleigh, a prisoner in the Tower of London, she finds herself the unwitting pawn in a treasonous plot to destroy the House of Stuart.--Margaret Flanagan Copyright 2010 Booklist
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