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Reclaiming Faith
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Christianity is often seen as conservative and complacent, and Christians as being obsessed with single issues such as abortion and sexuality, as saying no rather than yes. To put it bluntly, the perception of the Christian faith in North America and much of Europe is overwhelmingly negative. For the past five years Michael Coren has written articles and columns in all of Canada's major newspapers and magazines trying to reclaim the Christian faith, and to present it in its genuine, vibrant, and liberating form.

The baby born, the man who lived, the Messiah who was killed, the God who rose again, and spent most of His time with the very sort of people who today would be held behind walls, abused as threats, used as political pawns by those who see power as a means to reassuring the comfortable instead of challenging the complacent and repairing the kingdom.

Jesus the worker, Jesus fleeing war and fear for a better place, Jesus the lonely, Jesus the homeless, Jesus the teenager thrown out of His home because of His sexuality, Jesus the victim beaten in the side street because He looks and dresses strangely and differently, Jesus on strike for a living wage, Jesus in the camp for those whose lives have been destroyed by wars often started by alleged Christians in the West, Jesus the destitute, suffering, torn and wounded. This is the meaning of the faith Coren is presenting and trying to reclaim in this book.

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