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Supernova era
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From science fiction legend Cixin Liu, the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of The Three-Body Problem , comes a vision of the future that reads "like Ursula K Le Guin rewriting The Lord of the Flies for the quantum age." (NPR).

In those days, Earth was a planet in space.
In those days, Beijing was a city on Earth.
On this night, history as known to humanity came to an end.

Eight light years away, a star has died, creating a supernova event that showers Earth in deadly levels of radiation. Within a year, everyone over the age of thirteen will die.

And so the countdown begins. Parents apprentice their children and try to pass on the knowledge needed to keep the world running.

But when the world is theirs, the last generation may not want to continue the legacy left to them. And in shaping the future however they want, will the children usher in an era of bright beginnings or final mistakes?

"This audacious and ultimately optimistic early work will give Liu's English-reading fans a glimpse at his evolution as a writer and give any speculative fiction reader food for deep thought." -- Shelf Awareness

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Booklist Review
This novel from the widely acclaimed author of The Three-Body Problem (2014) imagines a world in which radiation from a supernova results in the eventual death of all humans over the age of 12, leading to a mad dash for the swiftly dying adults to prepare their children for the future. Primarily focusing on the children selected to be the new Central Committee in Beijing, Liu presents a world where the values of adult society are swiftly replaced by the new priorities of young children who long for a world based around play rather than work. With the wildly different concepts of play imagined by Chinese children and their more trigger-happy American counterparts, the safety and stability of the new ""Supernova Era"" is quickly thrown into question. Unlike Liu's more space-based fictions, Supernova Era's world of children begins to wear a little thin, particularly when the various other nations and their broadly drawn preteen leaders are introduced. Nevertheless, this latest translation is sure to interest readers who want to explore more of the Chinese-language sf canon.--Nell Keep Copyright 2010 Booklist
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Table of Contents
Prologuep. 13
1The Dead Starp. 17
The Endp. 17
The Midnight Sunp. 23
2The Selectionp. 30
A World in a Valleyp. 30
The Statep. 51
3The Great Learningp. 56
The World Classroomp. 56
The Chief of General Staffp. 73
MSG and Saltp. 81
4Handing Over the Worldp. 88
Big Quantump. 88
Dry Run of the New Worldp. 91
The Epoch Clockp. 96
The Supernova Erap. 104
5The Era Beginsp. 109
Hour Onep. 109
Suspensionp. 125
6Inertiap. 138
Inspectionp. 138
The National Assemblyp. 143
A Country of Funp. 152
Debatep. 164
7Candytownp. 169
Dreamtimep. 169
Slumbertimep. 177
8Candytown in Americap. 188
The Ice Cream Banquetp. 188
Candytown in Americap. 210
World Gamesp. 221
9The Supernova Warp. 225
Antarcticap. 225
Games of Blood and Ironp. 248
A Thousand Sunsp. 274
The CE Minep. 284
Counterattackp. 287
Blizzardp. 292
10Genesisp. 303
A New Presidentp. 303
A Visitp. 310
New World Gamesp. 313
The Exchangep. 317
The Decisionp. 320
The Great Migrationp. 324
Genesisp. 334
Epilogue: Blue Planetp. 336
Afterwordp. 345
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