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J. P. Monninger, author of the international bestseller The Map That Leads to You, the novel Nicholas Sparks called "romantic and unforgettable", tells a poignant love story of the ways the world divides two souls--and the way that love brings them together. Kate Moreton is in Ireland on sabbatical from her teaching position at Dartmouth College when she meets Ozzie Ferriter, a fisherman and a veteran of the American war in Afghanistan. The Ferriter family history dates back centuries on the remote Blasket Islands, and Ozzie - a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States - has retreated to the one place that might offer him peace from a war he cannot seem to leave behind. Beside the sea, with Ireland's beauty as a backdrop, the two fall deeply in love and attempt to live on an island of their own making, away from the pressures of the outside world. Ireland writes its own love stories, the legends claim, and the limits of Kate and Ozzie's love and faith in each other will be tested. When his demons lead Ozzie to become reckless with his life--and Kate's--she flees for America rather than watch the man she loves self-destruct. But soon a letter arrives informing Kate that her heroic husband has been lost at sea, and Kate must decide whether it is an act of love to follow him or an act of mercy to forget.
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The Blaskett Islands, off the western coast of Ireland, are the backdrop for this cinematic love story. Kate Moreton travels to Ireland from New Hampshire to complete the research for her dissertation and see the now-uninhabited islands where her father's ancestors lived. A twist of fate brings Ozzie, an Irish-American war veteran and recalcitrant fisherman, into her life. Their love affair is fast and intense, but after she decides to stay and try to make a life with him, his stormy personality drives them apart and he sets off alone on a dangerous boat trip. Kate tries to move on by returning to academic life in the U.S., but their connection endures. Like Monninger's previous novel, The Map That Leads to You (2017), this is a sweeping love story with intriguing characters and a well-described setting. After a rushed middle section, it comes to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.--Aleksandra Walker Copyright 2010 Booklist
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