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The third option
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin --now a major motion picture--comes a pulse-pounding thriller that "is an old school spy story...updated with heavy helpings of international intrigue and domestic politicking and betrayal" ( Library Journal ) that puts CIA agent Mitch Rapp in the crosshairs of an enemy even he did not anticipate.

When diplomacy fails and military intervention is inappropriate, our leaders sometimes take a third option and Mitch Rapp has been assigned just such an "unofficial" task--targeting a German industrialist who is supplying a notorious terror sponsor.

But when the mission is dangerously compromised, Rapp quickly realizes he's been deemed an expendable asset in a power struggle on home turf: the battle over who will become the successor of the dying CIA director. But no one counted on Mitch Rapp's return...or how far he'll go to find out who set him up.

An explosive and unputdownable thriller that is ripped from the headlines, The Third Option proves that "in the world of black-ops thrillers, Mitch Rapp remains the gold standard" ( Booklist , starred review of Red War ).
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Booklist Review
Flynn hits his stride in this thriller about high-end Washington politics, the second featuring underground counterterrorist Mitch Rapp. This time Rapp is unofficially hired by the CIA to assassinate a German businessman who has been secretly chummy with Saddam Hussein. Rapp does his job, but the couple hired to help him try to sabotage him instead. Rapp must track down the rogue couple and figure out whom they're working for if he is to survive. Flynn's high-energy prose sets a terrific pace, and he generates plenty of suspense. Unfortunately, he doesn't deliver the goods in the end. The conclusion, designed more to set up the next installment in the series than to wrap up this one, will leave readers distinctly unsatisfied. On the other hand, they will be clamoring for more. Flynn has an exciting, Ludlum-like series going here, but he needs to learn how to hit a tonic chord on the last page. --Mary Frances Wilkens
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