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Pretty Little Liars meets People Like Us in this taut, tense thriller about two teens who find their lives intertwined when an anonymous texter threatens to spill their secrets and uproot their lives.

PRIVATE NUMBER: Wouldn't you look better without a cheater on your arm?
AMANDA: Who is this?

The daughter of small town social climbers, Amanda Kelly is deeply invested in her boyfriend, real estate heir Carter Shaw. He's kind, ambitious, the town golden boy--but he's far from perfect. Because behind Amanda's back, Carter is also dating Rosalie.

PRIVATE NUMBER: I'm watching you, Sweetheart.
ROSALIE: Who IS this?

Rosalie Bell is fighting to remain true to herself and her girlfriend--while concealing her identity from her Christian fundamentalist parents. After years spent in and out of conversion "therapy," her own safety is her top priority. But maintaining a fake, straight relationship is killing her from the inside.

When an anonymous texter ropes Amanda and Rosalie into a bid to take Carter down, the girls become collateral damage--and unlikely allies in a fight to unmask their stalker before Private uproots their lives.

PRIVATE NUMBER: You shouldn't have ignored me. Now look what you made me do...
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School Library Journal Review
Gr 9 Up--Seventeen-year-old Amanda Kelly has her whole life planned out. She'll marry her high school sweetheart and town golden boy, Carter Shaw, and all her family's financial troubles will be a thing of the past--even though she knows Carter is cheating on her with Rosalie Bell. For Rosalie, Carter is just a shield to hide her lesbian relationship from her fundamentalist Christian parents, who have tried to "convert" her. All she has to do is keep up the act until she graduates and can get out from under her parents' roof, but the waiting and lying are eating at her soul. Both girls' lives are jeopardized when they start getting texts and demands from an anonymous caller trying to destroy Carter. The two must work together to discover the identity of the mysterious Private Number before something terrible happens. This book touches on several issues, from social climbing to the practice of conversion "therapy." But at its heart, it's a book about finding the strength to stand on one's own without surrendering to others' expectations. The main characters are well defined, and Amanda in particular grows from being initially superficial into a young woman who understands her own self-worth. Ancillary characters blend together and serve little purpose other than widening the suspect pool, but that is a relatively minor issue when so much of the plot revolves around Amanda and Rosalie. This is a solid conversation starter, and an author's note includes information about conversion tactics and resources for survivors. VERDICT A good story and message that could serve teens who need help finding their place.--Erik Knapp, Davis Library, Plano, TX
Booklist Review
In Frick's suspenseful thriller, Amanda and Rosalie, teens with nothing in common but their cheating boyfriend, band together to expose a stalker. Amanda is expected to marry well to cement her family's social status in their wealthy neighborhood, and she's invested it all in Carter, heir to his father's real-estate empire. Rosalie needs a boyfriend so that her Christian Fundamentalist parents won't send her back to conversion therapy ; she's stringing Carter along and hiding her girlfriend until she turns 18. When the girls receive anonymous texts designed to pit them against each other and Carter, their refusal to give in puts them in danger. Frick successfully conveys the pressure both girls weather to perform for their families; both are complex, well-developed characters with real problems, though Rosalie's plight is more poignant. The reveal of the stalker isn't terribly surprising, but the aftermath, in which the girls gain the confidence to confront their parents, is rewarding. An afterword about the dangers of conversion therapy and a resource list for LGBTQ teens in crisis are included.--Krista Hutley Copyright 2019 Booklist
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