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It started with a big bang : the origin of Earth, you and everything else
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In this accessible informational picture book, young readers can follow the fascinating story of how we got from the very beginning of the universe to life today on the 'bright blue ball floating in space' called Earth. They'll learn about the big bang theory, how our solar system was formed, how life on Earth began in the oceans and moved to land, what happened to the dinosaurs and how humans evolved from apes to explore and build communities all over the planet... and even travel to space. It's an out-of-this-world look at the beginning of everything!
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K-Gr 3--Written in the present tense, this accessible book explains the big bang theory. Dramatic pictures work in tandem with the clear text to reenact the explosive origin of the universe. Earth's many transformations are shown with deeply saturated color illustrations from its fiery beginning, to the emergence of land and sea, to the gradual development of plant and animal life, to extreme climate variations, and, eventually, to the appearance of humans with their distinctive capacity to learn, invent, and communicate through reading and writing. Kids eager to know what happened to the dinosaurs will be satisfied by the spread depicting a giant rock crashing down and Bal's simple explanation: "Tough break for the dinosaurs--their time is up." Less convincing is the reference to Earth as a "big tangled web." It's a repeating phrase that lends a lyrical quality to the narrative but one that could have used a bit more explanation. VERDICT Overall this is a fine introduction to a complex topic and one that is suitable for children in the primary grades.--Gloria Koster, formerly at West School, New Canaan, CT
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