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The record keeper
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The Record Keeper is a visceral and thrilling near-future dystopia examining past and present race relations.

After World War III, Earth is in ruins, and the final armies have come to a reluctant truce. Everyone must obey the law--in every way--or risk shattering the fragile peace and endangering the entire human race.

Arika Cobane is on the threshold of taking her place of privilege as a member of the Kongo elite after ten grueling years of training. But everything changes when a new student arrives speaking dangerous words of treason: What does peace matter if innocent lives are lost to maintain it? As Arika is exposed to new beliefs, she realizes that the laws she has dedicated herself to uphold are the root of her people's misery. If Arika is to liberate her people, she must unearth her fierce heart and discover the true meaning of freedom: finding the courage to live--or die--without fear.
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In a sea of dystopian, post-apocalyptic future tales, The Record Keeper stands out. Gomillion's background and advocacy shines through in her debut novel, which paints a stark picture of a divided, authoritarian country that became a world power under the guise of maintaining peace, while calling attention to the very real dark history and current racial problems in the real world. The ruling class reigns with an iron fist, so any type of dissent including acting out of turn results in extremely harsh punishments, all to maintain the status quo. Arika Cobane is not your typical protagonist, as she often acts in her own interest rather than like a typical revolutionary, although there will be some elements familiar to fans of the dystopian genre. Arika slowly grows as she questions her beliefs, and while she often makes misguided decisions, readers will cheer as she ultimately triumphs over her dysfunctional upbringing. The Record Keeper will appeal to both young adult and adult readers; it is appropriate for high school students but has plenty of elements to keep adult readers engaged.--Carrie Rasak Copyright 2019 Booklist
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