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Rose Coffin
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A startlingly original magical adventure that gives the phrase "unlikely hero" a whole new meaning.

Rose Coffin can't win. She's teased for her secondhand clothes. She's teased for blushing all the time. And she's teased for slipping into song at inopportune moments, though that's the only thing that keeps her panic at bay.

After a particularly mortifying incident, Rose escapes to the woods where she's captured by a group of otherworldly creatures. They take her to Eppersett-a magical, eerily beautiful place where cemeteries are full of dead dreams, moving castles roll along on tracks, and most shocking of all . . . people seem to love Rose at first sight. They tell her that she's "the one they've been waiting for. The one who's going to save them." An evil force called the Abomination is on the loose, and there's only one thing powerful enough to stop it-her voice.

There's just one catch. Rose hasn't been brought to Eppersett to fight the Abomination.

She's going to be sacrificed to it. She's the chosen one all right . . . the one who's been chosen to die.

In this startlingly original fantasy, M.P. Kozlowsky takes readers on a journey like no other-an adventure that'll transform everything you thought you knew about friendship, love, and the true power of finding your voice.
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Shy, bullied 12-year-old Rose flees into the local woods and finds herself in Eppersett a magical land where she is hailed as the Chosen One, destined to sacrifice herself to an all-consuming Abomination. Understandably resistant, she nonetheless sets out with a small band of allies, discovering along the way that her screams and songs are keys to mysterious powers. Kozlowsky checks off a standard tally of tried-and-true quest fantasy elements (A detailed prophecy to fulfill? Check. Side quests for fabled weapons? Check. Medieval-style setting, quarrelsome but loyal companions, and a massive, clearly evil foe? Bingo), stirs the uncommonly creepy creatures he has a knack for writing, and brings his protagonist enough character-building situations that she's left able to handle her chief tormentor upon her return. The author indulges in labored wordplay and gives Rose a comatose twin brother whose primary function is as a bargaining chip. Still, readers fond of warrior fairies and talking trees, explosive magic, desperate clashes with terrifying monsters, and seeing bullies get the boot will forgive the tale's slapdash characters.--John Peters Copyright 2010 Booklist
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