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Dream sequence
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Henry Banks, star of the UK's most popular television series, has higher aspirations, ones befitting of his talent: a serious film career, beginning with a role in a brilliant Spanish director's next movie. To make the jump to the big screen, he'll have to remake himself in more than one way. But as he runs his morning miles and scrutinizes his changing physique in the mirror, he doesn't know that he's not alone in his obsession--Kristin, an unstable American fan, has her own ambitions. From the author of Man-Booker shortlisted The Quickening Maze, Dream Sequence is a moving depiction of desire and delusion and the unsettling consequences of fame.

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It might be difficult to sympathize with Henry Banks, a lascivious Casanova who uses and discards women with ease, but the reader comes to view the English actor as a clinical case study in celebrity vacuity. As the accomplished television star lusts after the lasting security he thinks will come with juicier cinematic roles, at the other end of the playing field is Henry's psychotic American fan. Kristin is convinced she and the handsome actor have a future together after a mere minute's worth of interaction at an airport years ago. Foulds (In the Wolf's Mouth, 2014) sets up these two isolated planets on a dangerous collision course. Above all, it is the brilliant writing his Dad's play reminds Henry of a Christmas cake, the unpleasant richness of dried fruit, glacé cherries and alcohol and icing, traditional, festive, indigestible ; a man is described as the sort of dumb and nasty that thinks it's smart that truly scores in this mordant story about loneliness in a globalized world.--Poornima Apte Copyright 2019 Booklist
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