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From New York Times bestselling author Cory Doctorow, Radicalized is four urgent SF novellas of America's present and future within one book

Told through one of the most on-pulse genre voices of our generation, Radicalized is a timely collection consisting of four SF novellas connected by social, technological, and economic visions of today and what America could be in the near, near future.

Unauthorized Bread is a tale of immigration, the toxicity of economic and technological stratification, and the young and downtrodden fighting against all odds to survive and prosper.

In Model Minority , a Superman-like figure attempts to rectifiy the corruption of the police forces he long erroneously thought protected the defenseless...only to find his efforts adversely affecting their victims.

Radicalized is a story of a darkweb-enforced violent uprising against insurance companies told from the perspective of a man desperate to secure funding for an experimental drug that could cure his wife's terminal cancer.

The fourth story, Masque of the Red Death , harkens back to Doctorow's Walkaway , taking on issues of survivalism versus community.

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Doctorow (Walkaway, 2017) presents four different pictures of the present and the near future that meet at the intersection between technology and political or social change. In ""Unauthorized Bread,"" the already disenfranchised are forced to use restrictive technology, such as toasters that toast only brand-loyal bread, and one woman's attempts to provide her and her neighbors with some measure of freedom. The similarly near-future ""Radicalized"" chronicles one man who, during his wife's battle with cancer, becomes a member of a darknet grieving forum that soon becomes the birthplace of a violent uprising against the uncaring U.S. health care system. The ""Masque of the Red Death"" follows a distinctly unsympathetic survivalist and his followers as they attempt to weather a societal collapse that doesn't go quite as they'd planned. Rounding out the collection is ""Model Minority,"" in which a Superman analogue finds himself way out of his depth when confronting the racist justice system. Doctorow's combination of cutting edge speculation and deep interest in the social and political possibilities of the future makes this collection a must-read for fans of Kim Stanley Robinson or of any sf in which the future is always part of an engaged and passionate dialogue with the present.--Nell Keep Copyright 2010 Booklist
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