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Backyard adventure : get messy, get wet, build cool things, and have tons of wild fun! : 51 free-play activities
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The backyard has long been a space associated with recreation and relaxation, a private patch of earth to escape to, and a springboard for the imagination. In her signature style and drawing on her personal experience as a mother, gardener, and author, Amanda Thomsen encourages kids to create kingdoms of their own making, right in their own backyards. With whimsical projects for every season and any setting, from forest to pavement, fun-seeking kids and their families will rediscover the yard as a place for inspired play, using repurposed materials and existing features of outdoor spaces. Whether they're creating tiny gardens inhabited by action figures, weaving a secret hideaway out of a loom of twine and twigs, or setting sidewalk cracks on fire with Coffeemate, Backyard Adventure lets kids of all ages turn their yards into a place they can call their own.

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Table of Contents
The Roots of a Wild Childp. 9
Chapter 1Forts and Other Hideaways
Scrounging for Unexpected Budding Materialsp. 12
Forts & Playhousesp. 14
Natural Burrowsp. 15
Packing-Material Tepeep. 16
Plants That Hake Great Places to Hidep. 18
Build a Straw Bale Fortp. 21
Plant a Living Willow Hideawayp. 22
Cardboard Castlesp. 25
A Fort in Winterp. 26
Tunnelsp. 28
The Simple Leaf Pilep. 29
Make a Loom Tentp. 30
Badger Holesp. 32
Unexpected Sandboxesp. 34
Make a Map of Your Neighborhoodp. 36
Hiding Play Materialsp. 37
Chapter 2Places for Tinkering
Create a Mud Labp. 40
Marble Racetrackp. 44
Soda & Mentos Eruptionsp. 47
Setting Booby Trapsp. 48
Make a Slingshotp. 50
Build a Catapultp. 52
Protect Your Toys from Piratesp. 53
Create a Wall of Noisep. 54
DIY Rube Goldberg Devicep. 56
Bored? No Way!p. 57
Chapter 3Naturally Wild: Grow, Eat, Launch, Explore, Create
Miniature Worldsp. 60
Grow a Tiny Fruit Treep. 62
Natural Paints & Dyesp. 65
Grow Your Own Snacksp. 66
Snacks to Identify & Foragep. 69
Dig Your Own Clayp. 70
Mown Labyrinthp. 72
Logs & Stumpsp. 74
Seedo Torpedoesp. 76
Drumsp. 79
Chapter 4Setting Up Camp
Backyard Campingp. 83
(Fake) Neighborhood Lorep. 84
Make a Hand-Washing Stationp. 85
Create an Outdoor Showerp. 86
Set Up an Outdoor Toiletp. 88
Make a Fire Pitp. 90
Hobo Camp Food & Old-Timey Cookingp. 91
Outdoor Stages for Performances or Fomenting a Rebellionp. 94
Chapter 5Sidewalks, Fences, and Driveways: A.K.A. Places to Draw
Graffiti on Fencesp. 98
Fun on the Drivewayp. 101
Chalk Outlinesp. 103
Exploding Sidewalk Chalkp. 104
Chapter 6Adventure Course
Swing It!p. 108
Make Your Own Slip 'N Slidep. 110
Tough Lil' Muddersp. 112
Make Your Own Stiltsp. 116
Red Yarn Laser Climbp. 119
Cardboard Armorp. 120
Chapter 7Water, Bubbles, and Goo
Sprinkler Setupsp. 124
Make a Water Blobp. 127
Super Soaker!p. 128
Baby Pool Funp. 129
Pinata Full of Water Balloonsp. 131
Make Giant Bubblesp. 132
Tyvek Suit Full of Water Balloonsp. 134
Eggshell Paint Bombsp. 136
Chapter 8It Ain't Over Yet
Old-Timey Yard Gamesp. 141
Turn Dolls into Mummiesp. 143
Duct Tape Zombiesp. 145
Glow Stick Huntp. 146
Flashlight Tagp. 148
Super Secret Section: For Parents Only!p. 149
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