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The pigeon has to go to school!
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Why does the Pigeon have to go to school? He already knows everything! And what if he doesn't like it? What if the teacher doesn't like him? What if he learns TOO MUCH!?!
Ask not for whom the school bell rings; it rings for the Pigeon!
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School Library Journal Review
PreS-Gr 2--Willems's famed feathered protagonist faces the inevitable with a winning mix of chuckle-inducing bravado, honest emotion, and a child-grabbing point of view. The pigeon is not happy about the prospect of launching his educational career, flapping his wings in desperation as the book begins ("WAIT! Don't read that title!") and spouting a series of fervent objections that range from the familiar to the delightfully absurd: "Why do I have to go to school?" "I already know EVERYTHING!" "Does 'school' start in the morning? Because you know what I'm like in the morning! It is NOT pretty." "What if the teacher doesn't like pigeons?" "WHAT IF I LEARN TOO MUCH!?! My head might pop off." Utilizing muted monochromatic backdrops, the pages are dominated by the vividly drawn character, and his dramatic body language and ever-expressive single eye accentuate each and every comic beat. When the pigeon finally gets to the heart of the matter and reveals his true feelings ("I'm…scared"), he is drawn much smaller, with thinner lines and tighter body posture. Never fear, this lovable character works his way through his emotions (raising questions that parents can discuss with their own soon-to-be-students) and finishes on an upbeat note--total jubilation at his means of transportation: a school bus! VERDICT Deftly balancing genuine concerns with humor and buoyant reassurance, this irresistible offering starring a fan favorite is sure to become a first-day-of-school classic.--Joy Fleishhacker, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs
Booklist Review
In this latest series installment, it's time for Pigeon to start attending school. However, he has absolutely no intention of going. He doesn't do mornings, and he already knows everything, including how to spel. His stance, wings on his little birdie hips, shows his determination to avoid what he considers unnecessary and a waste of his time. But as he goes through a litany of what-ifs, his anxiety begins to show through his stubbornness. While addressing his laundry list of concerns, he slowly begins to understand that school just might be helpful when it comes to learning about things like the alphabet, finger painting, and reading. Each page offers backgrounds in subdued colors of tan, purple, gray, pink, orange, and green, with our ever-dramatic pale blue Pigeon front and center, the text transmitted entirely through his dialogue bubbles. The ending is spot-on, as Pigeon spots something big, something bright, and something yellow, and his excitement skyrockets. Children on their way to kindergarten may recognize themselves in Pigeon's story and take heart at his (eventual) enthusiasm. The introductory endpapers show an empty classroom, and the concluding ones reveal who Pigeon's classmates will be. A few of them will even be easily recognized by children familiar with this author-illustrator . . . and who isn't?HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Pigeon's been winning hearts since he first appeared with that bus, and best-selling, multi-multi-award-winning Willems is irresistible to kids and grown-ups alike.--Maryann Owen Copyright 2019 Booklist
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