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Bound for gold : a Peter Fallon novel of the California gold rush
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Rare-book dealer Peter Fallon returns in a thrilling historical novel about the California Gold Rush, by New York Times bestselling author William Martin

Bound for Gold continues New York Times bestselling author William Martin's epic of American history with the further adventures of Boston rare-book dealer Peter Fallon and his girlfriend, Evangeline Carrington. They are headed to California, where their search for a lost journal takes them into the history of Gold Rush. The journal follows young James Spencer, of the Sagamore Mining Company, on a spectacular journey from staid Boston, up the Sacramento River to the Mother Lode. During his search for a "lost river of gold,"Spencer confronts vengeance, greed, and racism in himself and others, and builds one of California's first mercantile empires.

In the present, Peter Fallon's son asks his father for help appraising the rare books in the Spencer estate and reconstructing Spencer's seven-part journal, which has been stolen from the California Historical Society. Peter and Evangeline head for modern San Francisco and quickly discover that there's something much bigger and more dangerous going on, and Peter's son is in the middle of it. Turns out, that lost river of gold may be more than a myth.

Past and present intertwine as two stories of the eternal struggle for power and wealth become one.

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*Starred Review* Martin's sixth Peter Fallon novel centers on a stolen Gold Rush journal in which James Spencer documents his quest for fortune and rhapsodizes about a mythical river of gold. The diary is believed to reveal the location of an actual river, which could set off a modern gold rush, and certain San Franciscans want to control the flow. The links connecting Fallon (a rare-book dealer in Boston) and a present-day search for the journal, which was split into seven sections among Spencer heirs, seem a bit of a stretch, but the plot is so captivating that readers will happily overlook the shakiness of the premise. As Peter and his sometime girlfriend, Evangeline, race to find the journal, sections begin to turn up, adding engrossing details of gold excavation and of historical San Francisco and its multiethnic citizens. Spencer's original company of gold chasers a Chinese family panning for gold downstream from where Spencer hunts and the various bigwigs who conspire to take over all play roles in the historical saga, which is smoothly entwined with the contemporary story. Fascinating and surprisingly fast-paced, this adrenaline-packed adventure is sprinkled with love, betrayal, and violent death: old-fashioned storytelling at its best, in the style of Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang (2001) and Wilbur Smith's Courtney novels.--Baker, Jen Copyright 2018 Booklist
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