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The greedy goat
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A very greedy goat wreaks havoc in the barnyard in an entertaining cautionary tale from Petr Horácek.

Goat is tired of always eating herbs and grass. She wants to try something new! So one day she embarks on a tasting spree, trying the dog's food, the pig's potato peels, and more, with the farmer's underpants topping off a massive meal. Pretty soon, everyone else around the farm starts to notice that certain things have gone missing -- including a now elusive Goat herself. It turns out that all that adventurous eating has left her feeling quite ill, prompting a recovery that plays out with a nod to another (very hungry) children's favorite: "On Monday, her eyes stopped rolling. On Tuesday, her tummy stopped rumbling. . . ." After Goat is finally feeling like herself again, surely she'll have learned her lesson. Won't she?
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PreS-Gr 2-Tired of her usual diet of herbs and grass, Goat spends Saturday wandering the farmyard in pursuit of some new fare. She eats the dog's food for breakfast (washed down with the cat's milk), gobbles the pig's scraps for lunch (along with a plant and a shoe snatched from the farmhouse), and downs the farmer's underpants for dinner (filched off the clothes line). Not surprisingly, Goat feels unwell that evening, and turns a variety of colorful (and fun-to-identify) shades, before settling on pea green. When the farm family notices the missing objects, there is some consternation, but their primary concern is for Goat. After spending Sunday convalescing (dramatically laid out over a spread), she makes a gradual, day-by-day recovery. By Saturday, she's pretty much herself again, but the story's open ending will leave young listeners wondering if Goat has learned her lesson. Done in bright hues and inviting textures, the folksy mixed-media illustrations work in harmony with the rhythmic, well-paced telling. Goat's body language and facial expressions underscore each moment-smug pleasure while greedily chomping everything in sight, the tongue-lolling agony of a tummy ache, the self-satisfied pose (with farmer's boot in mouth) at book's end. -VERDICT This delightful cautionary tale has crowd-pleasing artwork, giggle-inducing humor, and plenty of opportunity for participation, either in storytime or small group sharing.-Joy Fleishhacker, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs © Copyright 2018. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
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