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VBQ : the ultimate vegan barbecue cookbook : over 80 recipes, seared, skewered, smoking hot!
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Calling all vegans: it's your turn at the grill!

BBQ, make way for VBQ : smoky, succulent, and completely plant-based barbecued fare. Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer have transformed the art of grilling into a veggie lover's feast--complete with Grilled Bok Choy and Peppered Tofu Steak and everything in between. Here are over 80 recipes to satisfy every craving for food that's fresh and fiery: BBQ classics: Eggplant Hot Dogs, Cauliflower Cutlets, Pulled Mushrooms Sandwiches Savory sides and sauces: Crunchy Coleslaw, Grilled Potato Salad, Cashew Sour Cream Global inventions: Eggplant Gyros, Tandoori Tofu Skewers, Vietnamese Pizza
Over 100 mouth-watering photos prove it: VBQ takes everything you love about BBQ and adds a kick of color, creativity, and flavor. Plus, Horn and Mayer's illustrated guide to tools and techniques takes the guesswork out of using a chimney starter, getting the perfect char on your asparagus and tofu, and more.

You'll be a vegan pitmaster in no time!
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Booklist Review
From its beginnings, barbecue has meant meat, from whole hogs to hot dogs. But the virtues of barbecuing easily reach to vegetables and even fruits, as clever chefs have long recognized. Now, as Horn and Mayer explain, even vegans can enjoy an evening centered on a backyard grill. Many of these recipes rely on forms of bean curd for big, hearty portions of protein carefully marked with a grill's distinctive cross-hatching. But such bland bases don't have to be dull. With some deft cutting, a dough of wheat gluten, apple, onion, pineapple juice, and spices makes a perfect foundation for barbecue sauce. With the same blend of spices used for bratwurst, vegan ingredients make effective ersatz sausages. More ambitious backyard chefs can add drama to dinner with a whole cabbage hollowed out and stuffed with lentils. Pizzas, tarts, and tacos all readily lend themselves to vegan approaches. Color photos amplify the foods' appeal.--Knoblauch, Mark Copyright 2018 Booklist
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Table of Contents
About Barbecuing
The basicsp. 10
Where and when to light a firep. 15
What makes the best fire in a charcoal barbecuep. 16
How to light a firep. 18
How to control the heal in a barbecuep. 19
Different cooking methodsp. 20
Smokingp. 21
Cleaning the barbecuep. 22
Safetyp. 23
How to Barbecue Vegan Style
The right way to barbecue vegetablesp. 28
The right way to barbecue tofup. 31
The right way to barbecue tempehp. 32
The right way to barbecue seitanp. 32
Burgers, Sandwiches & Patties
Quinoa and chickpea burgersp. 39
Portobello mushroom paninip. 41
Plantain pattiesp. 43
Eggplant, gyrosp. 45
Mega bean burgersp. 47
Grilled onigirip. 49
Grilled veggie subsp. 51
BBQ tempeh sandwichesp. 53
Pulled mushroom sandwichesp. 55
Tofu sandwichesp. 57
Grilled cheese sandwichesp. 59
Steaks, Sausages & Skewers
Peppered tofu steaksp. 63
Grilled bratwurstp. 65
Grilled king oyster mushroomsp. 67
Cauliflower cutletsp. 69
Tandoori tofu skewersp. 71
Vegan spareribsp. 73
Spanish-style tapas skewersp. 75
Eggplant steaksp. 77
Seitan steaksp. 79
BBQ onion skewersp. 81
Eggplant hot dogsp. 83
Celeriac steaksp. 85
Brussels sprout skewersp. 87
Spicy chorizop. 89
Vegetables-Stuffed, Grilled & Braised
Zucchini parcelsp. 93
Roasted carrotsp. 95
Grilled artichokesp. 97
Stuffed green poppersp. 99
Grilled bok choyp. 101
Grilled corn on the cobp. 103
Grilled spring onionsp. 105
Hasselback potatoesp. 107
Stuffed baby bella mushroomsp. 109
Grilled stuffed grape leavesp. 111
Crispy potato skinsp. 113
Grilled asparagusp. 115
Braised radishesp. 117
Grilled avocadosp. 119
Smoked onionsp. 121
Stuffed cabbagep. 123
Stuffed sweet potatoesp. 125
Craft beer and vegetable chilip. 127
Stuffed tomatoesp. 129
Pizza, Wraps & Co.
Pizza arrabbiatap. 133
Shish kebab wrapsp. 135
Melanzana pizza bitesp. 137
Grilled butternut squash tacosp. 139
Grilled tartes flambéesp. 141
Deep-dish pizzasp. 143
Grilled pesto tartp. 145
Grilled quesadillasp. 147
Vietnamese pizzasp. 149
Salads - from the Grill ... or Otherwise
Panzanellap. 153
Kale saladp. 155
Grilled zucchini saladp. 157
Pomegranate tabboulehp. 159
Marinated fennel saladp. 161
Grilled potato saladp. 163
Quinoa and bean saladp. 165
Crunchy coleslawp. 167
Sichuan cucumber saladp. 169
Sauces & Basics
Trio of BBQ saucesp. 173
Cashew sour creamp. 175
Trio of flavored buttersp. 177
Gazpacho-mojop. 179
White bean hummusp. 181
Trio of yogurt saucesp. 183
Green chile saucep. 185
Mango and habanero saucep. 187
Trio of salsasp. 189
Bread & More
Granary breadp. 193
Bread and butter picklesp. 195
Pull-apart breadp. 197
Vegan mozzarellap. 199
Soft corn breadp. 201
Pickled turnips and cauliflowerp. 203
Campfire twistsp. 205
Sweet potato bunsp. 207
Hot pickled radishesp. 209
Grilled chapatisp. 211
Indexp. 214
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