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Cowboy barbecue : fire & smoke from original Texas vaqueros
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Long before the first smoker was lit or sauce was ladled, barbecue was born with a Latin twist. The Texas tradition of cattle ranching has its origins in the vaqueros of the Iberian Peninsula who brought their herds to the New World. It was a nomadic life demanding open- fire and underground cooking.

In Cowboy Barbecue, chef and restaurateur Adrian Davila celebrates traditions of Latin America and Texas, taking inspiration from the vaquero lifestyle and his own family history. For three generations, Davila's BBQ in Seguin, Texas has infused classic brisket, ribs and sausage with Latin flavours. Davila goes beyond standard grilling in this guide, offering techniques for smoking, cooking directly on the embers, underground, on a spitfire, and more. Recipes include: Mesquite Brisket, Vaquero Chili con Carne, Smoked Pulled Pork, and Fire-Roasted Tomato, Onion and Serrano Salsa.

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Table of Contents
Introductionp. 13
The Davila Family History, from Ávila to Seguinp. 13
The Vaquero Wayp. 27
Techniques On Firep. 27
Direct Heat: Asado Stylep. 27
Indirect Heat: Smokingp. 30
Smoking Meat the Davila Wayp. 33
Meat on Firep. 39
Beef And Lambp. 41
Mesquite Brisketp. 41
Mollejas (Sweetbreads)p. 44
Beef Sausagep. 47
Beef Fajitasp. 51
Lengua de Res (Smoked Beef Tongue)p. 53
Texas-Style Barbacoap. 54
Whole BBQ Borrego for Barbacoap. 60
Beef Jerkyp. 64
Mesquite-Smoked Lamb Ribs with Chimichurrip. 65
Whole Pig Asado Stylep. 69
Pork Ribsp. 72
Smoked Pulled Porkp. 73
Pork Loin with Mustard Seed Saucep. 74
Puerco en Chili Colorado (Pork in Red Chili Sauce)p. 76
Smoked Ham with Davila's BBQ Sauce Glazep. 79
Morcilla (Spanish Blood Sausage)p. 81
Chicharonnes en Salsa Verdep. 83
Mole de Olla con Puercop. 84
Whole Mesquite-Smoked Chickenp. 85
Chicken Fajitasp. 87
Tinga de Pollop. 89
Calabacita con Polio (Squash with Chicken)p. 91
Arroz con Polio (Rice with Chicken)p. 92
Brined and Smoked Whole Turkeyp. 94
South Texas Peanut Butter Molep. 95
Seafoodp. 97
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (Shirmp in Garlic Sauce)p. 98
Mexican Shrimp and Oyster Cocktailp. 100
Aguachiles de Camarones (Shrimp in Chili Broth)p. 101
Smoked Fresh Oystersp. 102
Texas Gulf Ceviche-Stuffed Avocadosp. 103
Caribbean-Style Whole Red Snapperp. 104
Glazed Barbecued Salmonp. 106
Streer Foodsp. 109
Mini Tacos
Tacos al Pastor (Pineapple and Pork)p. 110
Tacos de Birria (Coat)p. 112
Tacos Campechanos (Beef with Chorizo and Chicharrones)p. 114
Tacos de Buche (Pork Stomach)p. 116
Tripas de Res Tacos (Beef Tripe)p. 117
Tamales Verdes (Chicken with Green Sauce)p. 120
Tamales Rojos (Pork with Red Sauce)p. 122
Tamales Rajas de Chile y Queso Fresco (Chile and Cheese)p. 124
Soups and Chilisp. 127
Mama Davila's Fideo Seco con Carnep. 128
Caldo de Resp. 129
Sopa de Fideo Estilo Laredop. 130
Chicken Tortilla Soupp. 132
Pozole Rojo de Puerco (Red Pork Pozole)p. 133
Vaquero Chili con Carnep. 134
Menudo de Puercop. 136
Pozole Verde de Pollo (Green Chicken Pozole)p. 138
On The Side
Vegtables and, Sidesp. 143
Butternut Squash with Chile and Limep. 144
Elote con Crema (Creamed/ Corn)p. 145
Calabacitas con Frijoles Negros (Zucchini with Block Beans)p. 146
Frijoles Borrachos (Drunken Beans)p. 147
Frijoles Refritos (Refried Beans)p. 148
Grilled Nopales, Onions, and Tomatoesp. 150
Nopales Saladp. 152
Grandpa Davila's Potato Saladp. 153
Grandma's Papasp. 154
Camotes (Sweet Potatoes) over Coalsp. 155
Arroz Mexicano (Mexican Rice)p. 156
Arroz Verde (Green Tomatillo Rice)p. 157
Tortillas and Breadsp. 159
Pan de Campo (Country Bread)p. 160
Flour Tortillasp. 161
Corn Tortillasp. 165
Momo Davila's Griddle Corn Cakesp. 167
South Texas Jalapeño Cheese Corn Breadp. 169
Sauces and Salsasp. 171
Davila's Original BBQ Saucep. 172
Davila's Spicy BBQ Saucep. 173
Fire-Roasted Tomato, Onion, and Serrano Salsap. 174
Tomatillo Salsa (Green Sauce)p. 179
Mama Davila's Salsa Picante (Red Table Sauce)p. 181
Guajiilo Salsap. 182
Pico de Gallop. 183
Acknowledgmentsp. 185
Indexp. 189
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