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Kids' guide to hiking : all you need to know about having fun while hiking
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Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Hiking shows you everything you need to know to have the most amazing hiking experiences! The book includes a real working compass that will help you find your way.

Hiking is more than just a walk in the woods. Every outing is an adventure, and you never know what a hike will bring. By reading this book, you'll learn where to go to hike, when to go, what to wear, and what to bring with you. You'll also learn how to take care of nature and how to stay safe while on the trail. But best of all, this book shows you how you can have the most fun while hiking.

For some kids, hiking itself might be adventure enough. But you can also bring along a nature journal or create land art. Bring a special hiking buddy with you--one who knows lots of good jokes, riddles, and games to pass the time. You can hike with your pooch, and believe it or not, you can even hike with llamas!

The more you know about hiking, the more fun you can have on your adventures. So read the tips in this book at home before you go, and then head for the great outdoors and use the compass to help you find your way. Happy hiking!
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Not every book has the immediate, pick-me-up appeal of these volumes from the Ranger Rick Kids' Guide series. But then, not every book has a functioning, one-inch compass firmly embedded in its front cover and ready for a trial run. Divided into topics such as what to wear and where to go, each volume offers a useful introduction to its subject as well as practical advice for enjoying particular activities in the natural world. From footwear advice ( Don't wear sandals ) to traffic rules ( Yield to the horse ), Hiking provides guidance for novices and ideas for seasoned hikers. The National Wildlife Federation's cheerful cartoon spokes-raccoon, Ranger Rick, pops up from time to time, often alongside a photo, a sidebar, or a safety tip. With space divided pretty evenly between pictures and text, the coverage of topics is sometimes broad rather than deep, but these inviting books present many useful ideas as well as straightforward information, sound advice, and plenty of encouragement.--Carolyn Phelan Copyright 2018 Booklist
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