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Mindful me : mindfulness and meditation for kids
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Sometimes kids' lives can get busy and out of control, and worries can take over. When that happens, knowing how to pause and regain composure with mindfulness can help! This easily digestible guide introduces kids to mindfulness as a way to find clarity, manage stress, handle difficult emotions, and navigate personal challenges. With step-by-step instructions to over thirty breathing, relaxation, and guided meditation exercises, readers will have an entire toolkit at their disposal and writing prompts will help them process their discoveries. Clearly written and incredibly relatable, this invaluable resource provides a positive introduction to the world of self-care and mindfulness.
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School Library Journal Review
Gr 3-7-A great guide for middle graders looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. The book presents mindfulness as a means of helping young people manage emotion, stress, anxiety, and concentration. Mindfulness and self-care strategies, which are referred to as "Mindful Me Practices," make up the majority of the book's content. This gives it a hands-on, practical perspective. Chapters are divided based on various different contexts for mindfulness, such as emotions, thoughts, actions, and how to be mindful in and out of one's home. Each section features various techniques presented with step-by-step directions, which often includes meditation and breathing exercises, as well as journal prompts for further reflection. Straightforward language and Peterson's kid-friendly drawings make an abstract topic accessible to late elementary and early middle school-aged readers. This volume can serve as a helpful resource to both students and caregivers. VERDICT A practical toolkit for processing emotions through mindfulness techniques and an excellent purchase for schools incorporating mindfulness into their curriculum.-Kathryn Justus, Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT © Copyright 2018. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Booklist Review
Starting with the premise that there are no easy fixes to life's problems, only changes one can make within oneself, the author of this mindfulness toolbox introduces tween readers to techniques for handling their lives with wisdom. The book offers pointers for using mindfulness techniques such as meditation, present-moment awareness, and journaling to manage the inner self, emotions, thoughts, actions, the heart, the home, and the outside (community). Although the book is organized by topic, it suggests that readers might find some areas more useful to themselves than others and recommends exploring the techniques that work best on an individual basis. It also stresses that learning mindfulness is a process and takes practice. The writing, though slightly didactic, is clear and avoids dropping trendy descriptors without explaining them. There is mention of a corresponding workbook, but this can be used on its own. Inclusive illustrations portray children of different ethnicities, genders, and physical abilities, reinforcing the idea that everyone can become a mindful me.--Dean, Kara Copyright 2018 Booklist
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Table of Contents
Becoming a Mindful Mep. xiii
Easy and Hardp. xiii
What Is Mindful Me Practice?p. xv
How Can Present-Moment Awareness Help?p. xvii
Why Be Mindful?p. xviii
What Is in Mindful Me Practice?p. xxi
Mindfulness Takes Practicep. xxi
Become a Mindful Mep. xxii
Chapter 1Mindful Me Toolboxp. 1
What's Inside?p. 1
Mindful Me Meditationp. 2
What Is Meditation?p. 2
How to Sit in Meditationp. 3
Three Mindful Me Breathsp. 6
Extra Supportp. 7
Mindful Me Questions and Answersp. 8
What Is Self-Care?p. 10
Mindful Me Practice Tipsp. 11
Modificationsp. 13
What's Your Mindful Me Style?p. 14
Chapter 2Mindful Me Inner Selfp. 19
When Life Feels Crazyp. 19
Who Am I?p. 20
Jigsaw Puzzlep. 22
Special Placep. 23
Life's Flowp. 25
Journal Promptsp. 27
Chapter 3Mindful Me Emotionsp. 29
Emotions Are Naturalp. 29
Examples of Emotionsp. 31
Emotions Expressed through Body Languagep. 32
Working with Emotionsp. 34
BFF-Breathe, Focus, Feelp. 34
Holding the Heatp. 35
Hold and Releasep. 37
Pain or Problemp. 39
Pain or Problem Meditationp. 39
Journal Promptsp. 41
Chapter 4Mindful Me Thoughtsp. 43
The Mind's Control Towerp. 43
Thoughts That Hurt Youp. 44
Challenge Your Thoughtsp. 46
Replacing Negative Thoughtsp. 47
What Do I Tell Myself?p. 48
Working with Your Mindp. 49
Mind Drawingp. 50
Mind Clearingp. 52
Mind Safep. 54
Color Your Thoughtsp. 56
Journal Promptsp. 58
Chapter 5Mindful Me Actionsp. 59
Connecting the Dotsp. 59
Finding the Gapp. 63
Scene Replayp. 65
Accepting Your Inner Experiencesp. 68
Giving Yourself a Breakp. 69
Cloud Floatingp. 69
Feeling Strong and Confidentp. 71
Be the Mountainp. 71
Journal Promptsp. 73
Chapter 6Mindful Me Heartp. 75
Heart Jumpingp. 76
Heartachep. 78
Protection Circlep. 79
Sending Kindnessp. 81
Wise Onep. 83
Happy Listp. 84
Heart-Happy Exercisep. 85
Journal Promptsp. 89
Chapter 7Mindful Me at Homep. 91
Mindful Me Sensesp. 92
Mindful Me Seeingp. 93
Mindful Me Hearingp. 94
Mindful Me Smellingp. 95
Mindful Me Tastingp. 96
Mindful Me Touchingp. 97
Mindful Me Movingp. 97
Catching Distractionp. 98
Mindful Me Homeworkp. 101
Brain Breaksp. 101
Mindful Me Mediap. 103
Hurtful Messagesp. 105
How Do You Stay Mindful with Electronic Devices?p. 106
Mindful Me Bedtimep. 106
Journal Promptsp. 110
Chapter 8Mindful Me Outsidep. 113
Mindful Me Mindsetp. 114
See It through Their Eyesp. 114
I Hear Youp. 116
Kindness on the Spotp. 117
Building a Strong Communityp. 118
Question Your Own Negative Attitudesp. 118
Problem Solving-In Simple Stepsp. 120
Mindful Me Friendshipsp. 122
Journal Promptsp. 124
Chapter 9Moment by Moment, Ever Changingp. 125
Mindful Me Glossaryp. 129
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