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I'm fine and other lies
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After getting her start as a stand-up comic and then breaking out with her wildly successful CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls (she's the creator, writer, and executive producer), Whitney Cummings has seen a few things and is turning to the written word to tell us all the stuff she doesn't say on stage. That time a dermatologist shamed a too-young Whitney into getting Botox and then she looked like a cross between that lady who made her face look like a cat and an actual cat? It was fine! She learned how to be more direct and not rely on facial expressions anymore. She's totally fine. When Whitney learned the hard way that when you think a guy is your soulmate, he is probably just gay, she was completely, totally fine. So what if Whitney had to undergo equine therapy to overcome an eating disorder? Really, it's fine! Horses helped give her the permission she needed to be so hungry that she could eat, well, a horse. See how totally fine she is?

Full of intellect, anxiety, chutzpah, and profundity, I'M FINE...AND OTHER LIES is, in Whitney's words, like the internet if the internet were honest and didn't hate women. With her signature ball-busting edge and self-deprecation, Whitney comes clean about what has shaped her into the trailblazing comic that she is today-in addition to the above, she was also the first woman Comedy Central roast joke writer (for the roast of Flavor Flav, no less), has been diagnosed as clinically codependent, has cheated and was cheated on, and, importantly, has gotten her vagina steamed. This intimate, no-holds-barred look at Whitney's life makes for juicy schaudenfraude, no doubt, but it is also a revelatory, profoundly astute, and most importantly, honest tale of what it means to be a woman in today's day and age and Twittersphere, with all of the insecurities and anxieties that come with that territory and with the most important takeaway being that, at the end of the day, no matter her situation, she's fine...and other lies.
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Cummings, comedian and cocreator of the TV show Two Broke Girls, spent her twenties climbing to success in the Los Angeles field of funny. She has written for numerous television specials, garnered acclaim for her own recorded stand-up routines, and even, if only for a short time, boasted a network sitcom with her first name as the title. Now, a much wiser Whitney fulfills a childhood dream and invites readers to explore the bizarre inner workings of her brain via the pages of this book. Cummings' crisp comedic voice is the driving force behind each essay, wherein the author regales with tales of the danger of self-deprecation and constant people pleasing. Her anecdotes are intimate and messy; she writes with candor about disordered eating, sexual assault, and the time her recently rescued pit bull bit her ear off. Though Cummings cautions against her former methods of deep codependency, she acknowledges that her imperfect journey delivered her safely to a present state of empowerment. Fans will find a newfound trust and respect for this familiar voice.--Eathorne, Courtney Copyright 2017 Booklist
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Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
The Self-Help Chapterp. 7
The Codependence Chapterp. 29
The Roast Joke Chapterp. 65
The Sexism Chapterp. 75
The Egg Freezing Chapterp. 99
The Eating Disorder Chapterp. 117
The Boobs Chapterp. 139
The Headache Chapterp. 165
The Pit Bull Chapterp. 199
The Middle East Chapterp. 235
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