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The seer, the sentinel, the seeker and the orbs
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Since the beginning of time Eros, the God of Creation determined the world would be populated with three types of people- The Seers, The Sentinels and the general population. The Seers were a select group of women who had the ability to foretell the future. The Sentinels sworn duty was to protect the Seers, with their life is necessary. The Seekers, considered spawn of the black God were condemned to try to rule the world, but would never succeed. The Orbs, four glass balls are the tool the Seer uses to tell the future. The Seer, Melanie Allen, learned of her mystic powers when her grandmother died. Adam Brighton, the Sentinel is sworn to protect her. The Seeker, General Alex has grandiose dreams of ruling the world. In order to succeed General Alex must have the Seer and the Orbs under his control. If he accomplishes this, the future of the world is at stake. seekers
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