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Oh, no, said elephant
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All the animals want to play hide-and-seek, but oh, no! Elephant isn't very good atthat. He's too easy to find. What aboutleap-frog? He's not good at that, either.What about hopscotch, or skipping, or tag?No, no and no. Poor Elephant isn't very goodat many games, and the animals are startingto get frustrated with him. Luckily there isone game Elephant loves to play, and theanimals oblige him, though they may haveto say oh, no! themselves when he wants toplay it again. This rollicking, silly, repetitivetext will have young readers laughing outloud and asking to read it again.
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Different animals have different talents and abilities, but with the right attitude, everyone can have fun together. Elephant is playing with his friends Monkey, Zebra, and Leopard. The animals have several ideas for games, but Elephant is getting discouraged. Hide-and-seek (he's too big), leapfrog (he's too tall), jump rope (he's too clumsy), hopscotch (he's too heavy), and tag (he's too slow) all prove problematic. Elephant maintains a positive attitude and tries his best, but the others are not very kind about his failures. When Elephant suggests a round of tug-of-war, the other animals complain, We're not good at that. They are friends, though, and they decide it is only fair that they all take turns with the different activities. Finally something Elephant can win! Energetic illustrations in thick brushstrokes and saturated colors depict the animals in constant motion. On a graph-paper background, the characters each have a column to track their responses as Yes or Oh No. Readers will be drawn in immediately to try to figure out how the scores will relate to the story.--Whitehurst, Lucinda Copyright 2016 Booklist
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