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Lonesome dove
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A love story, an adventure, and an epic of the frontier, Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer Prize-winning classicLonesome Dove, the third book in theLonesome Dovetetralogy, is the grandest novel ever written about the last, defiant wilderness of America. Journey to the dusty little Texas town of Lonesome Dove and meet an unforgettable assortment of heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers. Richly authentic, beautifully written, and always dramatic,Lonesome Doveis a book to make us laugh, weep, dream, and remember.
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A cattle drive from Texas to Montana captures the history of the American West in truly epic fashion. The author takes almost every hoary tradition of the nineteenth-century western--i.e., the good-hearted scarlet lady, friendly and unfriendly Indians, strong-backed frontier folk--and gives each one new life and vitality.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1To the Front!
Chapter 2Under Fire
Chapter 3Confusion and Darkness: The Seven Days
Chapter 4Enough of Terrible Fighting
Chapter 5Captured
Chapter 6""On to Richmond!""
Chapter 7Prison Train to Andersonville
Chapter 8This Hell on Earth
Chapter 9Freedom Epilogue
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