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Dancing on our turtle's back : stories of Nishnaabeg re-creation, resurgence and a new emergence
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Many promote Reconciliation as a "new" way for Canada to relate to Indigenous Peoples. In Dancing on Our Turtle's Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence activist, editor, and educator Leanne Simpson asserts reconciliation must be grounded in political resurgence and must support the regeneration of Indigenous languages, oral cultures, and traditions of governance.

Simpson explores philosophies and pathways of regeneration, resurgence, and a new emergence through the Nishnaabeg language, Creation Stories, walks with Elders and children, celebrations and protests, and meditations on these experiences. She stresses the importance of illuminating Indigenous intellectual traditions to transform their relationship to the Canadian state.

Challenging and original, Dancing on Our Turtle's Back provides a valuable new perspective on the struggles of Indigenous Peoples.

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Table of Contents
GchiÆMiighwechp. 9
Chapter 1Nishnaabeg Resurgence: Stories from withinp. 11
Gaawiin Nda-gajsii, We Are Not Shamefulp. 13
A Flourishment of the Indigenous Insidep. 16
Aanji Maajitaawin, the Art of Starting Overp. 20
Chapter 2Theorizing Resurgence from within Nishnaabeg Thoughtp. 31
Gwiinmaagemi Gdi-dbaajimowinaanin, We Tell Storiesp. 33
Grandmother Teachingsp. 35
Our Theory is Personalp. 39
Embodied Knowledge, Unlimited Intelligencep. 42
Chapter 3Gdi-Nweninnaa: Our Sound, Our Voicep. 49
Biskaabiiyangp. 49
Aanjigonep. 54
Naakgonigep. 56
Debwewinp. 59
Gdi-nweninaap. 61
Chapter 4Niimtoowaad Mikinaag Gijiying Bakonaan (Dancing on Our Turtle's Back): Aandisokaanan and Resurgencep. 65
Chibimoodaywinp. 67
Re-creation: Niimtoowaad Mikinaag Gijiying Bakonaan (Dancing on Our Turtle's Back)p. 68
Waynabozhoo and the Great Floodp. 68
Resurgence, Wiindigo and Gezhizhwazhp. 70
Nanabush Storiesp. 73
Ninaatigoogp. 74
Chapter 5Building Like a Beating Heart: A Society of Presencep. 85
Transmotion, Emergence and Mobilizationp. 87
Nishnaabeg Society: A Society of Presencep. 92
Bubbling Like a Beating Heartp. 93
Creating Decolonized Time and Spacep. 96
Chapter 6Resurgence in Our Political Relationshipsp. 101
Echoes from the Pastp. 101
Breastfeeding and Treatiesp. 106
Gchi-dbaakgonigewinp. 109
Dewe'igan, the Heartbeat of the Nationp. 111
Gdoo-naaganinaa, Our Dishp. 112
Gdoo-naaganinaa in Contemporary Timesp. 113
Chapter 7Protecting the First Hill: Nurturing Eniigaanzid in Childrenp. 119
Aabawaadiziiwinp. 122
The Four Hills of Lifep. 122
Kokum Dibaajimowinanp. 124
Leading by Following: The Seven Stages of Lifep. 127
Protecting the First Hills of Lifep. 129
Nengaajgchigewin in Parentingp. 129
Zhinoomoowin: Modeling and Learning by Doingp. 131
Aanjigone in Parentingp. 132
Nurturing Leaders for Resurgencep. 134
Chapter 8Shi-Kiin: New Worldsp. 141
Stone's Throwp. 144
Shki-kiin: New Worldsp. 146
Grounding Resurgence in Our Heartsp. 148
Indexp. 151
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