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New Books
Rock paper scissors
Absolutely Nat
Nice girls : a novel
Talk to me : a novel
Apples never fall : a novel
High stakes
Harlem shuffle
Friends like these : a novel
Enemy at the gates
Dark things I adore
Dare to know : a novel
Snowflake : a novel
The actual star : a novel
August into winter : a novel
My sweet girl
Denial : a novel
Shadows over London
Murder by the bookend
In every mirror she
Fault lines : a novel
The inheritance of Orquídea Divina
Mrs. March : a novel
Robert B. Parker
L.A. weather
The April dead
Forgotten in death
Never saw me coming
Inseparable : a never-before-published novel
Summer light, and then comes the night : a novel
Beautiful world, where are you
The heron
The house of ashes : a novel
Over the falls : a novel
Enola Holmes and the black barouche
Friends forever
Born into this : stories