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Acclaimed picture book creator Jorey Hurl ey whose work has been called "stunning" and "dramatic" tells the story perfect for the youngest reader of all the different and mighty trucks it takes to build a city skyscraper! <br> <br> What once was a vacant lot, watch as truck by truck, a towering skyscraper is built in this beautifully illustrated picture book about trucks and construction. This beautiful picture book includes a glossary of fourteen truck images and their names.
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Hurley's book is as sleek and modern as its subject, with minimal words, sparse but emphatic illustrations, and colors that reflect building materials (lots of variations of grays, with some reds on each page to brighten the scene). The end pages, peppered with construction barriers, set the scene, while the title page offers the last complete image of the building that is then demolished on the following pages. On each double-page spread, one word describes the action, while an illustration demonstrates each machine doing its specialized job. Crush goes the demolition excavator on the first spread, knocking down bricks with its clawed arm. Skyscraper proclaims a spread near the end, which needs to be rotated vertically for viewers to appreciate the full effect of this new, tall building. The concepts are simple and singularly focused, though back matter names each machine pictured and the job it performs. Pair with Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site (2011) for another visit to these powerful machines, this time in a differing role.--Edie Ching Copyright 2018 Booklist
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