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You're Snug With Me
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<p>At the start of winter, two bear cubs are born, deep in their den in the frozen north. "Mama, what lies beyond here?" they ask. "'Above us is a land of ice and snow." "What lies beyond the ice and snow?" they ask. "The ocean, full of ice from long ago." And as they learn the secrets of the earth and their place in it, Mama Bear whispers, "You're snug with me."<br></p>
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*Starred Review* A female polar bear digs a den in preparation for giving birth to twin cubs. As they grow, they question their mother about what lies outside their cozy home. They have concerns about the darkness of the Arctic winter, whether the ice she tells them about will melt, and if the Earth will ever fall. As she comforts them, they ask if they are the only creatures that live in their cold climate, and she tells of the other animals that inhabit the land, the ocean, and the air. In explanation of the coming season, she states: The Earth dances on her toes and when she tilts, our nights will get shorter and spring will return. Large single- and double-page spreads contain minutely detailed drawings, which were created using pen and ink, and finished digitally. Lyrical language and the mesmerizing illustrations, which grace the pages in swirls of subdued shades of blue, teal, and gold, combine in breathtaking beauty. From the creators of the equally reassuring You're Safe with Me (2018), this is a heartwarming tribute to creatures of the Arctic that offers a gentle ecology lesson as well: We should only ever take what we need. --Maryann Owen Copyright 2010 Booklist
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