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Titans Book 1: Together Forever
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Nightwing. The Flash. Starfire. Donna Troy. Beast Boy. Cyborg. Red Arrow. Raven.<br> <br> Years ago they learned at the side of the World's Greatest Heroes--until the threats became too dangerous for even their mentors to handle. Then these young superheroes struck out on their own, fighting against evil while united under their battle cry:<br> <br> TITANS TOGETHER! <br> <br> But long ago these friends and warriors went their separate ways, leaving the Titans mantle to other young heroes...and it's that mantle that could get them all killed.<br> <br> An all-powerful enemy from the team's past has returned with a vengeance, aiming to destroy anyone who's ever been a Titan. With their superhero successors caught in the line of fire, the original Titans must reunite to stop the onslaught, before the Titans fall forever...<br> <br> Writer Judd Winick ( Green Arrow , Outsiders ) joins artists Ian Churchill ( Supergirl ), Joe Benitez ( Wraithborn ) and others to reform one of comics' greatest teams! Collects Titans East Special #1 and Titans #1-11.
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