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The devil's thief
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In this spellbinding sequel to the New York Times bestselling The Last Magician , Esta and Harte set off on a cross-country chase through time to steal back the elemental stones they need to save the future of magic. <br> <br> Hunt the Stones.<br> Beware the Thief.<br> Avenge the Past. <br> <br> Esta's parents were murdered. Her life was stolen. And everything she knew about magic was a lie. She thought the Book of Mysteries held the key to freeing the Mageus from the Order's grasp, but the danger within its pages was greater than she ever imagined.<br> <br> Now the Book's furious power lives inside Harte. If he can't control it, it will rip apart the world to get its revenge, and it will use Esta to do it.<br> <br> To bind the power, Esta and Harte must track down four elemental stones scattered across the continent. But the world outside the city is like nothing they expected. There are Mageus beyond the Brink not willing to live in the shadows--and the Order isn't alone in its mission to crush them.<br> <br> In St. Louis, the extravagant World's Fair hides the first stone, but an old enemy is out for revenge and a new enemy is emerging. And back in New York, Viola and Jianyu must defeat a traitor in a city on the verge of chaos.<br> <br> As past and future collide, time is running out to rewrite history--even for a time-traveling thief.
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The Order, turn-of-the-century New York City's richest and most powerful male elite, are desperate to recover a magical book and artifacts stolen by time-traveling thief Esta Filosek and her unlikely partner, Harte Darrigan; however, Esta and Harte, with a few other allies, are determined to locate those objects and keep them from being used to control everyone especially those born with natural magic. When Esta's time-traveling talent malfunctions, she and Harte are pushed forward to 1904, seriously damaging their chance of success. This sequel needs a scorecard and seat belt, switching quickly between several characters and locations, and the action is fast and furious. While limited background is skillfully woven into the 600-plus pages, readers are better off starting with The Last Magician (2017). Despite the pacing and capable writing, this sequel is a bit unwieldy, and it takes a dedicated reader to stick through the myriad twists and turns. Still, the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair setting is a captivating choice, and readers will definitely care what happens to the good guys.--Cindy Welch Copyright 2018 Booklist
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