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How to use a crystal : 50 practical rituals & spiritual activities for inspiration and wellbeing
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<p>A World of Possibilities with Just One Stone</p> <p>All you need is one crystal to deepen your magical practice and reach your goals. Bestselling author Richard Webster presents an accessible and inspiring guide filled with practical rituals and spiritual activities that can be performed with a single stone.</p> <p>Discover how to choose, cleanse, and energize your crystal. Once you've prepared your chosen crystal, you can explore fifty ways to use it: attract love, control stress, bless your home, enhance creativity, deal with regrets, communicate with spirit guides, recall past lives, make crystal elixirs, find forgiveness, and much more. How to Use a Crystal is the ideal guide to greater health and happiness through crystal work.</p>
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Table of Contents
Disclaimerp. xi
Dedicationp. xiii
Introductionp. 1
Part 1Some Crystal Basics
Chapter 1Crystals and Gemstonesp. 5
Chapter 2Choosing Your Crystalp. 11
Chapter 3Looking After Your Crystalp. 17
Chapter 4Your Subtle Energiesp. 29
Part 250 Ways to use a Crystal
1Crystal Meditationp. 38
2Grounding Yourselfp. 45
3Centering and Balancing Yourselfp. 50
4Gaining Clarityp. 53
5Dealing with Regretsp. 58
6Handling Griefp. 61
7Dealing with the Enemy Withinp. 65
8Forgiving Yourself and Othersp. 69
9Resolving Negative Energyp. 74
10Working Through Angerp. 77
11Controlling Stressp. 82
12Addictions and Your Crystalp. 87
13Enhancing Your Lifep. 91
14Crystal Protectionp. 97
15Spiritual Guidancep. 103
16Your Crystal and Self-Improvementp. 108
17Keeping in Touch with Distant Friendsp. 113
18Your Crystal and Relationshipsp. 118
19Attracting Lovep. 123
20Helping Children with Your Crystalp. 127
21Your Crystal and Happinessp. 131
22Creating a Sacred Spacep. 135
23Your Crystal and Spiritual Growthp. 140
24Praying with a Crystalp. 145
25Communicating with Angels and Spirit Guidesp. 150
26Your Crystal and Astral Travelp. 157
27Recalling Past Livesp. 164
28The Art of Scryingp. 169
29Automatic Writingp. 173
30Dowsing with Your Crystalp. 179
31Memory and Your Crystalp. 184
32Making Effective Affirmationsp. 188
33Enhancing Your Creativityp. 192
34Enhancing Your Dreamsp. 196
35Attracting Good Luckp. 201
36Money and Your Crystalp. 205
37Attracting Prosperityp. 208
38Using Your Crystal for Energy, Motivation, and Willpowerp. 214
39Crystal Healingp. 218
40Curing Headachesp. 223
41Making a Crystal Elixirp. 226
42Enjoying a Crystal Bathp. 229
43Enjoying a Crystal Massagep. 232
44Harmonizing Waterp. 234
45Your Crystal and Plant Healthp. 237
46Blessing Your Homep. 239
47Pets and Your Crystalp. 244
48Your Car and Your Crystalp. 249
49Have More Funp. 253
50The Crystal Séancep. 256
Conclusionp. 261
Appendix AStone Suggestionsp. 263
Appendix BAdditional Crystals by Usep. 273
Appendix CCrystals by Colorp. 275
Appendix DStones Not to Use in Waterp. 279
Appendix EWhat to Do if You Lose Your Crystalp. 281
Bibliographyp. 285
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