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Worry stones
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Worry Stones is the captivating, beautifully observed story of a daughter's efforts to reunite her family, a dream she believed she'd given up long ago. High in the Canadian Arctic, British art historian Jenny is pursuing her passions: Inuit art and a handsome geologist. A sudden message from Scotland announcing that her mother has suffered a stroke reels a reluctant Jenny back into her old life - the responsible youngest child of parents who gave up everything to join a religious cult. In Inverness, Jenny tries to put the jumbled pieces together. Did her mother run away from the cult? Can Jenny keep her father, a prominent cult leader, away from her mother? Will she be able to persuade her strong-minded sisters to help? Amidst the turmoil, Jenny breaks free from her family's pressures to hide her artistic talents and finally manages to emerge as an artist in her own right while working alongside the Inuit carvers she has previously only studied. Joanna Lilley's exquisite debut novel is a family drama rife with betrayal, splintered relationships and stifled ambition. Gentle and astute, Jenny has a will of steel and readers will love and remember her long after they have read the last page.
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