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Samurai scarecrow : a very ninja Halloween
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A young ninja and his adorable younger sister who wants to be just like him are in for the Halloween of their lives in this tender sibling story with graphic novel-inspired illustrations, Samurai style.<br> <br> It is Halloween, and Yukio is excited to celebrate! But whatever Yukio does, his younger sister Kashi follows. When Yukio carves a pumpkin, Kashi carves a similar one. When Yukio maps out his trick-or-treat route, Kashi maps the same one. But when Kashi goes too far, Yukio says some things he doesn't really mean.<br> <br> Can Yukio make it up to his adoring little sister? Or will Yukio find tricks instead of treats on his Halloween night?
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In this unusual Halloween story, pint-size ninjas gather to go trick-or-treating. Little Kashi wants to be a ninja like her big brother, Yukio, and follows him everywhere, peppering him with questions. She warns him that he is risking danger when he dresses in a bird costume, because of the huge Samurai Scarecrow, who sings a creepy lullaby: Find me the birds who think I'm decayed . . . / I'll teach them to be scared of me. When Yukio tells Kashi she's not a real ninja, she runs off, inconsolable, while the others race to fill their buckets. A noise startles them. Is it a ghost? A zombie? A hungry werewolf? Much worse! Samurai Scarecrow appears, pouncing on a rueful Yukio and demanding his candy. Children will enjoy discovering the surprising little person who is inside that scarecrow costume. Digital illustrations employ a palette of purple, white, orange, and black. Lively ninja personalities, creepy trees and houses, and a mildly scary scarecrow produce a fun tale for all ninja wannabes.--Lolly Gepson Copyright 2018 Booklist
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