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Dishonour in Camp 133 A Sergeant Neumann Mystery.
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Sergeant Neumann and the inmates of Camp 133 are back!<br> Even thousands of miles from the front lines, locked into a Canadian prisoner-of-war camp at the base of the<br> Canadian Rockies, death isn't far away. For August Neumann, head of Camp Civil Security and decorated German war hero, this is the reality. Chef Schlipal has been found dead in Mess #3, a knife in his back.<br> Now it's up to Neumann to find out what would drive the men of the camp, brothers-in-arms, to turn on each other. He's learned, of course, that beneath the veneer of duty and honour, the camp is anything but civil.<br> When the trail of clues ends at the edge of the prison yard, Neumann must consider the crime bigger than the camp. Is someone getting out of the prison? If so, can he follow? If he can't, he might have to live with the dishonour of Camp 133.
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