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Barefoot walking : free your feet to minimize impact, maximize efficiency, and discover the pleasure of getting in touch with the earth
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" From the authors of Barefoot Running , the essential guide to the life-changing benefits of barefoot walking As the thousands of people who have fallen in love with barefoot running already know, shedding your shoes is good for the body and the soul. Barefoot Walking shows all readers, no matter their fitness level, how to take command of their physical and spiritual well-being through this simple and easy practice, even if they are daunted by sore feet, achy joints, injury, illness, or feeling out of shape. This book contains special material for children, pregnant women, and seniors, and shows anyone how this gentle, natural activity can literally transform one's life, restoring health, vitality, strength, and balance, and improving focus, mood, memory, and more. Full of tips and tools for going bare, this is the essential handbook for people who want to move their body, connect with the earth, and feel physically and psychologically more alive."
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Table of Contents
Preface    The Sakyongp. xiii
Foreword    Dr. Mercolap. xv
Introductionp. 1
A Healthy Dose of Vitamin Gp. 1
Prescription Earthp. 4
Great Healers Didn't Wear Shoesp. 5
Life-Altering Benefits of Barefoot Walkingp. 7
Your Step-by-Step Walking Guidep. 9
Part IWhy on Earth Would You Want to Walk Barefoot?p. 11
1"Walk Your Way to Health and Happinessp. 13
One Foot in Front of the Otherp. 14
Build a New Bodyp. 16
Feel the Earth, Free Your Spiritp. 18
2Why Barefoot Is Bestp. 19
Free Shoes for Everyonep. 20
A Lighter Stepp. 21
Donald Duck Knew Bestp. 26
Save Your Children's Feet!p. 32
Save Grandma's Hips!p. 35
Help Our Returning Troopsp. 36
Benefits of Barefoot Walkingp. 36
Challenges of Barefoot Walkingp. 43
3Barefoot Walking: The New Fountain of Youthp. 46
Antiaging Benefits of Walking Barefootp. 47
Barefoot Brainpowerp. 50
Nature's Viagrap. 58
4Vitamin G: The Lost Supplementp. 59
An Inch of Rubber Away from Nirvanap. 60
Nature's Drugstorep. 62
Getting in Syncp. 63
The Physics of Getting Groundedp. 63
Spiritual Groundingp. 69
Dirt-It Does a Body Goodp. 73
5Discover Your True Naturep. 79
Barefoot Is Humanp. 82
Dance in the Woodsp. 84
Nature Playp. 84
Bare Your Solesp. 88
6Excuses Be Gone!p. 93
Love over Fearp. 94
Excuse #1That Looks Painfulp. 94
Excuse #2I Could Step on Something Sharpp. 95
Excuse #3I Have Flat Feet (or High Arches)p. 96
Excuse #4My Feet Are Really Sensitivep. 97
Excuse #5My Feet Will Become Uglyp. 98
Excuse #6It Hurts When I Land on My Heelsp. 98
Excuse #7The Ground Is Too Coldp. 99
Excuse #8It's Too Hot Outsidep. 100
Excuse #9I'm a Heavy Pronator (or Need Extra Support)p. 101
Excuse #10I'm Too Old to Try Going Barefootp. 101
Excuse #11I'm Too Heavyp. 102
Excuse #12There's No Place I Can Go Barefootp. 104
Excuse #13People Will Look at Me Funnyp. 105
Excuse #14I'll Step in Dog Poopp. 106
Excuse #15I Have Bunionsp. 106
Excuse #16I Have Weak Anklesp. 107
Excuse #17I'll Get Parasites or Diseasesp. 108
Excuse #18I'm Pregnant (or Planning to Be)p. 110
No Excuses!p. 112
Part IIFree Your Feet and Experience the Earthp. 113
7It's Barefoot Timep. 115
Checking In: How Do You Feel?p. 116
Warming Up for Barefootersp. 119
Grass for Startersp. 121
Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Barefoot Walking Formp. 122
The Three Methods of Barefoot Walkingp. 133
8Ninety Days to Barefoot Freedomp. 148
Michael's Two-Question Rulep. 148
"Hand Weights," aka Shoesp. 149
Start with Only 100 Yardsp. 150
The First Thirty Days: Go Slow to Go Fastp. 151
Month Two: Walk Away from That Shoep. 154
Month Three: Time to Say Whee!p. 155
Barefoot Beadsp. 157
Building a Basep. 158
9Philosophies of a Barefoot Walkerp. 160
Be Presentp. 163
Barefoot Meditation Walksp. 164
Be Patient and Listen to Your Bodyp. 165
Be the Humble Barefoot Walkerp. 167
10Turn Your Feet into Living Shoesp. 170
And Now ... the Footp. 173
Conditioning Exercisesp. 179
Strengthening Exercisesp. 182
Dynamic Stretchingp. 191
The Foot Externalsp. 193
Pampering Your Feet for Recoveryp. 199
Getting to Know Your Feetp. 202
Part IIITips for Strength, Nutrition, and Total Healthp. 203
11Conditioning the Barefoot Walker for Strength and Balancep. 205
The Dangerously Wrong Way to Conditioningp. 207
Barefoot Drillsp. 208
Barefoot Gamesp. 211
Building Core Strengthp. 212
Weight Trainingp. 217
Treadmillsp. 222
Cross Training for Barefoot Walkersp. 224
12Stretching for Healing and Injury Preventionp. 230
A Little Stretching Goes a Long Wayp. 232
Types of Stretchesp. 232
Guidelines for Stretchingp. 236
You Deserve a Massagep. 238
13On the Right Path with Nutritionp. 240
Eat Nutrient-Dense Foodsp. 242
Avoid Toxinsp. 246
Dietary Cautions: Corn Syrup, Carbs, Cokes, and Cansp. 249
Our Path to Rawdomp. 259
Superfood Favoritesp. 263
Drink It Upp. 267
Eat Nature's Foodp. 270
Part IVDiscovering and Rediscovering the Joy of Barefoot Walking at Every Agep. 271
14Barefoot Childrenp. 273
No Running on the Playgroundp. 276
Barefoot Benefits for Childrenp. 276
The Danger of Footwear for Kidsp. 279
Footwear for Childrenp. 281
Playtime Barefoot Activitiesp. 286
15Barefoot Seniors Turn Back the Clockp. 288
Use It or Lose Itp. 289
Barefoot Benefits for Seniorsp. 290
Footwear for Seniorsp. 300
Resuscitate Your Feetp. 301
Part VDancing with Naturep. 303
16Weather or Not, Here I Comep. 305
How Cold or Hot Is It?p. 307
Walking in Heat: Concrete Advicep. 308
Walking in Cold: Get Invigoratedp. 312
17Exploring Terrainp. 316
The Benefits of Exploring Terrainp. 318
Navigate the Roads Less Traveledp. 320
Hitting the Trailsp. 325
Take a Hikep. 329
Ups and Downs of Hillsp. 329
18Overcoming the Agony of the Feetp. 331
First, the First Aidp. 333
Common Aches, Pains, and Injuries from the Bottom Upp. 337
Foot and Ankle Challengesp. 337
Lower Leg Challengesp. 347
Knee and Upper Leg Challengesp. 348
Hip and Upper Body Challengesp. 351
Part VIIf You Really Must Wear Something on Your Feetp. 357
19Minimalist Footwear-Uncensoredp. 359
A Minimalist Shoe Versus the Moccasinp. 360
For the Times You Must Wear Shoesp. 362
Don't Trust the Shoe Hypep. 363
Natural Footwearp. 365
How to Wear Minimalist Footwearp. 370
Happy Feetp. 372
Part VIIThe Final Stepp. 373
20Leading by Your Footprintsp. 375
Barefoot Running, Anyone?p. 375
Beyond Barefootp. 376
Stewards of the Earthp. 377
Only the Beginningp. 380
Acknowledgmentsp. 381
Notesp. 387
Resourcesp. 393
Creditsp. 399
Indexp. 401
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