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Long way home
Springfield 1880
Weddings at Promise Lodge
Wed, read & dead
The devil
Nothing ventured
Evvie Drake starts over
The body in the castle well
The starless sea
Final option
Miss Royal
The Institute
Blue moon
The forest ranger
Cowboy under the mistletoe
All out war
Waiting for Tom Hanks
Almost midnight
Bite Club
The daughter of Sherlock Holmes
The wolf and the man : a western story
The drifting kid
Forbidden Valley
The old copper collar
The farmer
Yours truly, Thomas
The memory of you
Surfside sisters
A tender hope
A cruel deception
The house of brides
The giver of stars
Molten mud murder
The water dancer : a novel
Santa Fe run
Leave no scone unturned
The Irishman
War valley
Murder with cucumber sandwiches