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Seven days of us
Killing blood
Butch Cassidy: the lost years
MacCallister : day of reckoning
Valley of bones
Witness seeker
A Christmas peril
Mrs. Jeffries and the three wise women
God : a human history
This nettle danger
Reckoning at Lansing
The space between words
A touch of scarlet
The woman who couldn
The saboteur
The unquiet grave
Two for one
When all the girls have gone
The body in the casket
The demon crown
Indian summer
You say it first
Crown of souls
Quick & dirty
Dreams to sell
Death ship
Past perfect : a novel
Tom Clancy : Power and empire
Mrs. Jeffries rights a wrong
Allie and Bea
The Jensen brand
The innkeeper
All she left behind
The promise of a letter
Wilde in love
The library of light and shadow
The story of Arthur Truluv
A stranger in the house
Last summer